Kiën Light: Intelligent daylight at your fingertips | Limited Quantity. Save 50% Off Retail.

Smart Light

Kiën pays tribute to the iconic shape of a neon tube – but with design and technology standards firmly rooted in the 21st Century. For the production of LICHT 1, Kiën has collaborated with German manufacturers that have specialized in 3D printing and laser cutting. All components are made-to-order and have been specifically designed to match the requirements of the modular pendant lamp system.

LICHT 1 comes in three sizes 60, 100, and 140 cm and three textures – aluminum, concrete and wood – that are selectable through a configurator that supports 3D rendering and VR integration to provide a unique user experience.

The light system can be controlled via a native app and is compatible with the latest smart home devices. We have worked with leading light experts from Google, Fraunhofer Institute and Technical University Berlin to develop a product that meets the highest quality criteria: reason, usefulness and honesty.


LICHT 1 emulates the natural cycle of daylight
to produce a dynamic, healthy source of light for every situation and mood. Users can either control single, multiple or even personalized groups of lamps through a native app that supports adjusting brightness settings and changes in color temperature.

  • Healthy light for every situation and mood
  • Smooth dim
  • Color temperature 2700K - 5000K
  • 3different sizes and textures
  • LEDtechnology
  • ↓80%less energy










  • Light colour and brightness control via smartphone/tablet
  • iOS, Android, Windows fully supported
  • Control over individual lamps and entire systems

Works with

  • Smart Home Controller
    NUIMO change light temperature and brightness
  • Physical feedback
    use your hands to control
    all of your lamps
  • Part of ecosystem
    we'll partner with leading smart home providers